After the assembly election in five states and the municipal corporation elections in Delhi and Mumbai, Sonia Gandhi for the first time while addressing the Congress Parliamentary meet strictly warned against indiscipline in the party and said that party workers must shed factionalism. But there is nothing new in what she said as any leader of any other party would speak the same things that the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi said. However, any party plagued by factionalism has to know the root cause and find a solution to it. Whether Sonia Gandhi is able to keep factionalism at bay, only time will tell. But her statement that Congress’ vote share in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections gone high comparing with 2007 elections is baffling. This may be helpful in lifting up the morale of party workers but ground realities shouldn’t be ignored. Congress’ situation in the recently concluded assembly elections in UP was pathetic. More so, as Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi had worked hard for the elections signaling that Congress is going to emerge as a strong force. Though Sonia Gandhi may be harping on the fact that Congress’ vote share has improved compared to 2007 but if data’s are to be believed this vote percentage is less than what the party had achieved in 2002. 

Another statement by Sonia Gandhi that criticizing the Central government has become a fashion is also very surprising. The statement indicates that Sonia Gandhi has not only hit out at her main opposition the BJP but other political parties as well. Whatever the truth is, the UPA government has failed to live up to the expectations. Three years of UPA II is on the verge of completion but there is hardly any achievement to its credit. Undoubtedly the Congress has promised a lot but they don’t look like being fulfilled and therefore deserve all the criticism. The Congress at this point of time has to keep its morale high but it also has to ponder over the reasons behind its failure.