"I do not know what your (Gandhi's) understanding is. But can you deny that atrocities are being perpetrated on women in Haryana and they are crying? Is it not true that farmers' land is being snatched away and they are crying?”

"The youth are also crying as they are not getting employment opportunities. Is it not true? Soniaji, I know you cannot see the truth as there is a veil over your eyes," Shah said during a poll rally in Sonepat district of Haryana.

Countering Gandhi over her remarks, Shah said people shouting loudly give a stronger suggestion of venting their anguish rather than establishing a falsehood.

"You (Gandhi) cannot understand this pain as you don't visit villages, you were not born to the poor and do not visit Dalits. Our Prime Minister is son of the poor. He has reached where he has after selling tea and well understands the hardships of the poor in villages. Soniaji, God save you and your party if you find all this false," Shah said.

Gandhi had charged during a public meeting in Haryana that the prime minister was 'showing off' as if everything has been done only after his government came to power, to which Shah reacted saying that it was difficult to undo the 'ill-deeds' committed by Congress over the last 60 years.

Shah further averred that BJP had given the nation a Prime Minister who speaks.

He said the difference between the previous Congress-led UPA regime and the NDA government in its first 100 days was that, earlier Pakistan began and ended the shelling from across the border, but now it is India which silences the firing which is started by Pakistan.

"Pakistan cannot dare behead any Indian soldier now. That is the difference which the Modi government has made in its first 100 days," Shah said.

The Congress president also came under attack from Union Minister and BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad over her remarks against Modi.

"I am pained to say that even after remaining out of power, Soniaji's speech writers don't do their homework. That is why she some times says such things. She will realise her mistake if she sees it in a mirror," Prasad said .

He claimed that while Congress had given a weak Prime Minister to lead the UPA government, BJP has put a strong person at the helm of the Union Cabinet.

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