Addressing an election rally in Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, Sonia questioned the way Modi had insulted Rajiv Gandhi 23 years after his martyrdom.
Sonia said there have been plenty of Prime Ministers in the past but nothing could be said about Modi, who had insulted Rajiv Gandhi’s martyrdom.

“23 years after the martyrdom of Rajivji the way Narendra Modi had criticized him, if not low-level politics then what should it be called?” Sonia asked.

“There have been several Prime Ministers but what can one say Narendra Modi, who insulted the martyrdom of Rajiv Gandhi,” she added.

Referring to Modi’s election speeches, Sonia said such a low-level of political thinking is not good for the nation.

“His low-level political thinking and talks do not suit our nation,” she said.

Sonia also slammed Modi-ruled Gujarat and its snooty development claims, saying politics can never be done by spreading a phony development picture.

The Congress president said the BJP’s policies are anti-poor as it is already threatening to thwart pro-poor schemes if it forms government at the Centre.

“You can’t do politics by showing off a phony picture of development,” Sonia said.

“The BJP is threatening to stop pro-poor schemes if it comes to power,” she added.

Retorting raucously to BJP and Modi’s assertions that the UPA government has failed terribly on the terrorism front, Sonia said thousands of innocents lost their lives in terrorist attacks when the NDA government was in power.

“They are alleging we are weak in fighting terrorism, when the NDA government was in power, thousands were killed in terrorist attacks,” Sonia said.

Batting for a secular Congress, Sonia claimed the voters had now only two options to choose from.

“One side you have people who are divisive, don’t hear the oppressed, other side is secular Congress,” she said.


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