Sonia Gandhi deserves heaps of encomiums for not only replying to Anna Hazare’s missive, but also for pouring out her heart that she does not support or spur the politics of smear campaigns. She categorically said that one should not have misgivings about Anna’s commitment for practicing honesty and integrity in public life. It is equally important that Sonia had seconded Anna’s movement against corruption. She played a pivotal role in formation of the joint committee for making draft of Lokpal Bill, as her intervention broke the logjam between the Centre and civil society during the agitation. Despite all this, why have some Congress leaders and especially its general secretary tried to cast aspersions on Anna Hazare? To make matter worse, Congress spokesperson was spraying disparaging remarks on Anna under the garb of right to expression and even tried to convince the nation that in democracy such dialogues generally happen. The spokesperson must learn that such sort of delivering diatribes would only dent democracy. When Anna was being fired with volley of irrational and disparaging remarks why not the Congress leadership took pain for stopping them? It is pertinent to mention that why was Anna compelled to shoot off a letter to Sonia Gandhi? The Congress must know that the people of the country are disenchanted with the ruling party which is embattled with myriad scams and scandals. This is the reason why people unanimously stand by Anna’s demand for a powerful Lokpal Bill to check corruption even at the first place.

In her letter to Anna,Sonia mentioned that National Advisory Council was mulling to make an effective system to contain corruption before Anna had started fast unto death for Jan Lokpal Bill. Undoubtedly, it is a fact that NAC was undergoing this process, but the question is why he had to resort to an agitation? In the present situation, it will not suffice that the Congress chairperson wants to make a system that would bridle corruption, because there is nothing as such manifesting in the Central government’s conduct. In fact there is a big gulf between Centre’s action and words over corruption. Be it CWG scams or irregularities in allocation of 2G spectrum or selection of PJ Thomas or black money issue, the government has shown its lackadaisical attitude. One cannot deny that the Congress chairperson wants to bridle corruption, but she on one side speaks to scrap privileges of ministers; while on the other there is no bid to implement it.  It will be better if there should be hoo-ha in executing what Sonia Gandhi wishes for better prospect of the nation.