Sonia Gandhi’s efforts to revive her party’s image has come a little too late. And to come out of this mess the Congress would need to catapult its efforts to the maximum limit. The lackadaisical approach adopted by the Centre towards economic reforms has already cost the country dearly. The world is baffled by India’s slow pace of reforms. The statement by Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Basu on his trip to the US that major economic reforms won’t happen before the next general elections ads strength to the above fact. The rating agencies too had nothing positive to speak about India. Concerns raised by industrialists over slow pace of economic reforms were never addressed by the Centre. It is disappointing that amidst this grim scenario the government seems least bothered. It has shied away from taking firm decisions on economic reforms. Slow pace of economic reforms were not the only reason for Congress’ image taking a beating but corruption at all levels dented its image further.

Time will only tell whether Sonia Gandhi will emerge successful in reviving her party’s image or not but it is certainly going to be a herculean task. Manmohan Singh clearly has not proved to be as efficient as he was in his first term as the Prime Minister. Congress leaders would be the best people to answer this. With Sonia Gandhi taking the initiative, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi too has jumped on to the bandwagon to revive his party’s image. Rahul Gandhi is now focusing on the upcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra but questions could be raised on his capabilities as Rahul had failed miserably in the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh elections. And his effort prior to this in Bihar had also proved to be a cropper. Why isn’t Rahul realising that changes need to be made in the functioning of the government to strengthen its coalition. The party is also losing out on leaders having mass appeal. This is because Congresss policies are centred around the Gandhi family who gain tremendously out of it but adversely affect the quality of leadership in the party.