In a series of posts on social media including Twitter and Facebook, Nigam said, "A country that worships Kaali Maa, who's depicted in the least clothes, has the galls to judge someone's spiritual quotient by his/her attire!"

"I have no clue who she is... Never met her... But in my eyes, she's someone's wife, someone's daughter and many others call her a mother," Nigam claimed about Radhe Maa.

“If she's proven guilty by the law, she'll be punished by law. Before that, she's as respectable a citizen as you and me. And more so since she's a woman in a country infamous for it's rapes and atrocities over women," he added.

He pointed out that India has the Kumbh Mela where thousands of naked Naga sadhus roam around, a country that has Digambar Jains who don't wear anything for religious reasons, but has issues with a woman merely wearing a short dress in her personal time.


Sonu's Facebook post followed by series of tweets evoked sharp reactions as many people construing it as support for the high-profile Radhe Maa, who is currently facing accusations in a dowry harassment case filed by a Mumbai housewife.


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