Mumbai: Nevaan Nigam is just four years old but his version of the popular song 'Kolaveri Di' has turned him into a singing sensation and papa Sonu Nigam is proud of the achievement.

Sonu has said his son has inclination towards music but he does not want to force anything on him as he is too young.

Ever since the original 'Tanglish' (Tamil and English) song, 'Kolaveri Di', sung by Dhanush, caught people's imagination, several other versions of the number have hit the web, including one by Sonu's son.

The kid's version has a new twist in the lyrics making it 'milk song'. The lyrics of Neevan's song go as - 'handla glass-u, glass la milk-u, milk-u colour white-u, empty glass-u, mamma come-u, give me milk-u dear-u...'

In the video, Sonu is seen along with his wife Madhurima, encouraging their son who grabs the microphone.

"My son is a nice boy. He is innocent, does not cry much and keeps everyone happy. I am happy everyone has liked his song. He is inclined towards music," Sonu said on the sidelines of the launch of his devotional album last night.

"He is a smart kid. He is too young and we don't want to impose anything on him. He is learning dancing, judo, and will soon be trying piano. He is too small and I want him to enjoy his childhood," the singer said.

At the age of three, Nevaan had sung his first song with melody queen Lata Mangeshkar.

Sonu has recorded 24 different 'Gayatri Mantras' for his latest devotional album, 'Icchapurti Gayatri Mantras', which was launched by actor Akshay Kumar.

"I like to experiment with different music genres. I have done romantic songs, bhajans, classical, semi-classical but had not ventured into mantra space," he said.