During a press conference held on the sidelines of Gamescom, Europe's biggest videogames fair on Tuesday, Sony said that the gaming system will be launched in the United States and Cananda on November 15.

However, the gaming enthusiasts in Australia and European countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden and UK, will be able to enjoy the new playstation from November 29. Moreover, the PS4 will also go on sale that day in 10 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Sony has more than 1 million pre-orders worldwide for its new PlayStation 4 console, the head of its SCE computer entertainment division informed. "The response we have received is nothing short of incredible," he said.

He added that the console will be available in 32 countries worldwide during the holiday season. Microsoft Corp has said it will start selling its latest console at some point in November, intensifying competition ahead of the year-end holidays and gift-giving season.

Sony has priced the PlayStation 4, its first new console in seven years, USD 100 lower than the new Xbox One by Microsoft at USD 399.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One in May, its first new gaming console in eight years, marking its strongest push so far to dominate consumers' living rooms with an array of exclusive media content.

Microsoft Europe's vice-president of Interactive Entertainment Chris Lewis said on Tuesday pre-orders for the Xbox One were "unprecedented" but declined to give more details.

Sony said it would also cut the retail price for its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita devices to USD 199 in the United States and 199 euros (USD 270) in Europe. Previously the Vita was 249 euros and the PlayStation 3 was 229 euros.