According to Sony India consumer unit head (Mobile Division) Tadato Kimura, company's smartphone business is growing very fast and it would achieve sales target of Rs 3,500 crore.

Sony, a late entrant in this segment, is heavily investing to capture a sizeable market in a quick span of time. "In terms of smartphones, Sony is heavily investing in India and our series are growing quite fast," Kimura said. The company has planned 12 launches during this calendar year and most of them have been launched.

In this segment, Sony is getting tough competition from rivals offering low-priced sets but the company is confident of winning customers with its expertise traditionally strong AV technology. "We are injecting best of all Sony expertise be it camera, display, sound and beats technologies from our famous Walkman series. Whatever Sony has is an asset, we are putting in (smartphones)," he said.

According to Kimura, the company is expecting good sales of its Xperia Z series of phones. "Through this we can catch up (with) the industry. Now the market has shifted from feature phone to smartphone and the people now talk about camera and size of display and quality of sound. This is the area where Sony is traditionally strong," said Kimura.

He further said Sony has different price segments for its customers. Its phones start from even sub-Rs 10,000 and this should serve the needs of the price-sensitive Indian customers. "Sony Xperia range starts from Rs 9,000 and higher the better off course. I do not think that Rs 9,000 is higher enough and the Young generation is buying them," he said.

On being asked that whether Sony would face competition from its rival Panasonic, which has also launched smartphones in the Indian market with a starting range from Rs 7,990, Kimura said, company was quite confident about its products.

"Actually it is a very competitive segment and if you want to jump into the segment, you have to reduce the price, you have to talk about the price. So we are Sony and basically we are confident. In each price segment, we have kind of premium that we can offer to consumers and that is the reason (why) we are not just reducing the price," he said.


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