Enthused by over three-fold growth in the headphone market every quarter in India, Sony has launched MDR 1, MDR-10R and NWZ-WH303 loaded with advanced features.
According to Sony India Consumer Unit Head (Mobile Division) Tadato Kimura, the company is looking at big opportunities in this growing segment.
"This category has lot of opportunities in these growing categories. We are enjoying almost triple growth every quarter," he said.
The company is expecting a growth of 588 percent rise in head phone market in the third quarter this year, said Kimura.
According to Kimura, the company is focusing on the youth segment and it present across the price spectrum. Sony's range starts from entry level earphone costing Rs 250.
"Starting from Rs 250, there are lots of models in each price segment. There is no issue for the younger generation to buy if they wish they can even upgrade. We have suitable products at right price points," he said.
He further added that the company is also launching microphone-embedded headphone and earphone for the youth, who are switching towards cheaper smartphones.
"We are increasing our line up in order to cater the smartphone customers. This is also the second reason why we believe that we can capture those smartphone users," he said.
MDR 1 and MDR-10R are priced at Rs 14,900. MDR 1 has advanced features like beat response control, digital noise cancelling, digital equalizer and amplifier, while MDR-10R is a fully digital blue-tooth sound headphone and has one touch easy connection. It has features as wireless music playback and hand free systems.
NWZ-WH303, priced at Rs 8,990, has three modes, music player, speaker and head phone. It has music player inside it and can also work as speaker and headphone.