Facebook would host the content on its servers so that it loads faster than regular article posts on mobile phones. Publishers are ready to ramp up content distribution on Instant Articles, with some newsrooms preparing to post a few dozen stories a day, the Wall Street Journal reported.

By publishing articles directly to Facebook through Instant Articles instead of linking back to their own websites, publishers hope to increase the exposure of their content on the social networking service, especially on mobile devices, and improve load time.

Under the new programme, publishers will get to keep 100 percent of revenue brought in from ads that they sell and 70 percent if Facebook sells the ad. The WSJ quoted sources as saying that The New York Times was ready to publish some 30 articles per day directly to Facebook's news feed and the Atlantic might make most of its content available through the programme.

Both outlets are already prepared to start publishing, and only waiting for Facebook's nod. A Facebook spokesperson was reported as saying that the programme would begin soon.