Baghpat: In a heart-wrenching tale, two mothers in western Uttar Pradesh soaked their hands with blood of their daughters in yet another case of alleged honour killing in the state.

In both cases, the mothers hanged their daughters to death after finding that they committed inter-religious marriages. Incidentally, both their houses were at a distance of only 50 meters. A case in this regard has been registered against the two mothers.

According to reports both the girls, Jahida (18) daughter of Jareef and Husno (24) Islam Mavikalo’s daughter, who were working as labourers in Mauglpura, had an affair with two Bihari workers.

Nearly 15 days back they eloped with their lovers and returned three days back to inform the Baghpat Kotwali police station that they have converted their religion and have got married. They even asked for protection. Both girls insisted on staying with their husbands and were strongly against being handed over to their parents.

As a case of Jahida’s missing had been registered previously, the police team informed the parents about her return.

Later the two girls were presented before the SDM court and were handed to their families. Both the girls were expected to make their statement before the SDM on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, a situation of chaos was witnessed at their houses, as the two girls were found hanging from their roofs.

Later, the mothers confessed their involvement in the crime. Jahida’s mother Khatoon and Husno’s mother Subrato told the police team that they had plotted the murder of their daughters.

The move was initiated by the mothers to save their family honour. Following their confession, they were arrested by the police team.