Beijing: Competition between India and China in the region has helped Nepal and other South Asian countries to balance their ties with the two big powers and benefit from both, a write up in a state-run Chinese daily here said.
"The triangular relationship among Nepal, China and India is a subtle one. Both China and India are indispensable to Nepal's economy," a commentary in the Global Times said on Thursday.
"Nepal is restrained by these two big economies, but it can also help bridge the two Asian giants' communications. Nepal can spur China and India to compete with each other and expand their clout in neighbouring countries," it said.
The Times said at the moment, many Nepalese feel their economic balance leans too much toward India, and wish more weight could be added on the Chinese side.
"They wish to gain more help and support from China, and thus benefit more from their place between the two giants," it said.
"China's development has broken the previous balance of Chinese and Indian clout in Nepal. This is good for both Nepal and India," it said adding that "India will input more in Nepal, which actually helps bring a mutually beneficial situation, and such an effect can expand and affect South Asia at large".
"Neighbouring countries hope they can collect economic benefits through competition between China and other powers like the US, Japan and India. Such wishes will grow even stronger as China's power grows," it said.
But at the same time the article said it is unrealistic to expect neighbouring countries to lean toward China politically, economically and militarily rather than taking advantage of the balance.
"These countries still need for the rely on the US, not only militarily, but also in economy and trade", it said.
"It is good to have competition. It benefits no-one if India cuts input into Nepal, Japan suspends aid to ASEAN, the US limits ASEAN countries' exports, or these countries even use these means to threaten Southeast Asian countries," it added.
"On the contrary, if the US, Japan and India can input more in the development of China's neighbouring countries, just like Japan aids road construction in countries along the Mekong River, this will also benefit China a lot," it said.
"Development can't be achieved without competition. As long as it's peaceful, competition will benefit regional growth and facilitate China's long-term interests. Only within such competition can Asian countries reduce suspicion and enhance mutual trust with each other, so as to shape a new geometry of regional politics and security", it said.



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