The president's press secretary, Yoon Doo-hyun, said communication between the president's office and the ruling party would be very important as the government has been pushing for economic innovation, adding that Lee had a deep understanding of Park's philosophy as the ruling party floor leader.

Lee is required to receive an approval from the parliament, where the ruling party commands a majority.It was President Park's third attempt to replace the prime minister after her two nominees withdrew their candidacy last year. The replacement came amid growing public anger against the Park administration over a political scandal and the higher tax burden on the middle-income group of people.

Also, a former aide of President Park has been suspected of intervening in the state affairs. Three other presidential aides, suspected of being involved in the political scandal, are to face changes in tasks at the presidential office. The revised tax code raised the burden for wage earners, especially middle-class workers.

Tobacco prices also rose by 80 percent, which weighed down on the living expenses of low-income earners, fuelling dissatisfaction with the Park government. Park's approval rating fell below 40 percent, the lowest since she took office in February 2013.Presidential chief of staff, Kim Ki-choon, would remain in office for the time being despite calls from the opposition for his resignation.


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