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Actor poses nude against moral policing

New Delhi: South Indian actress Shamita Sharma has released her semi-nude pictures in protest of ACP Vasant Dhoble. She wore scanty clothes which resembled the tri-colour of national flag. She says that her motive is to make people aware against the rise of moral policing.

Controversial Bare Dare Act

ACP Dhoble is continuing with the tradition of moral policing exploits. He had recently attacked youths with hockey sticks in Mumbai. Such incidence of moral policing are not new as police officials like Loha Singh in Jaunpur and Tiger in Varanasi came to light for their moral policing acts.

Situation has gone wary to the extent that the act is being condemned through rallies and a section of the society has come forward to annihilate the act. People who are protesting moral policing are of the view that there is a need to discontinue old laws whereas some still support the law.

Mumbai is known for its night-life and party culture. Pubs and clubs can be seen everywhere. Mumbai moral-policeman Vasant Dhoble is making sudden raids into bars and pubs in recent past. While on raid, Dhoble often starts beating youths with hockey sticks and puts them behind bars. Youths from good family backgrounds are also falling prey to this inhuman behaviour. Once arrested, the victims are defamed as their names come in newspaper.  This is one of the prime reasons behind protests from a section of society in Mumbai. Agitated by the high handedness of Dhoble, thousands of youths participated with banners and hockey sticks in Bandra on Sunday.

However, there is one section of society which supports the recent moral policing in Mumbai. They maintain that the party-culture is spoiling the youths in India and people living in the vicinity of pubs and clubs also face lots of difficulties. These people gathered in a library to discuss and decided to extend support to the ACP Dhoble.

Few years back, Mumbai used to have several licensed dance-bars. Girls used to dance on Bollywood numbers and served liquor till wee hours. A ban was imposed on dance bars in August 2005. But it continued to operate in same manner afterwards. Now, with the recent action by ACP Dhoble, new series of debate has been started between the supporters and protestors of the dance-bars.

Dhoble has conducted raids in a massage parlour and rescued seven girls from the sex racket on Monday. Dhoble said that these girls are forcefully inducted into flesh trade.


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