New Delhi: Rabi crops may get affected in the wake of changing climatic condition and shortage of fertilizers. Wheat, dalhan (pulses), tilhan (oilseeds) crops have taken a beating.

The delay in sowing may have adverse impact on the production of wheat, said sources in the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the figures released by Ministry, the sowing of wheat has been compeleted in 244.12 lakh hectare areas till December 16, 2011. In comparison to the last year, the process of sowing wheat is far behind.

The sowing of wheat, cereals, pulses and oilseeds has been badly affected due to biting cold. The average temperature in the first week of November and December had been two to three degrees Celsius more than the normal temperature. 

Due to the fluctuating temperature, the sowing has been decreased by three million hectares. Besides, due to short supply of fertilizers like DAP and NPK has delayed the sowing of wheat. Agricultural scientists are of the opinion that the wheat production would be affected.