"People are creating anarchy in a planned manner. Police are being attacked and property damaged. Now incidents of communal clashes in the state are making headlines at international level," BJP spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak said.
Citing a recent US report, which stated that UP saw the maximum number of deaths in communal clashes in the country in 2013, Pathak said that it was "unfortunate".
The spokesman said the US State Department in its 'International Religious Freedom Report' for 2013 has stated that UP experienced the highest number of deaths in communal unrest for the second consecutive year, including the 65 killed in communal violence in Muzaffarnagar.     

He alleged while the ruling party indulged in politics of vote bank, crime and incidents of communal clashes continued to rise. "As a result not only in the country, but UP is also developing an image of most riot-hit state internationally," he said.