New Delhi: Launching a counter-attack against the Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, the Samajwadi Party (SP) accused the Congress dispensation in the Centre for the deplorable condition of the country.

Targeting the Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, national general secretary of SP, Naresh Agarwal said," Rahul and his government has control over the levers of power at the Centre for last seven years. In their tenure they have done nothing for the development of the country. Instead the condition has deteriorated. Even if they clinch UP assembly election, they won't be doing enough for the improvement of the socio-economic condition in the state."

Making scathing attacks on the Congress, Agarwal said, "Rahul Gandhi is appealing to the people for five years of Congress rule in the state for the overall growth. Ironically, they have only given corruption and multi crore scams to the nation."

Addressing the media, the SP leader said that the Congress is keeping an erroneous notion that SP will require its support to form government in the state. The SP would come into power with absolute majority in the state. Presently, electorate is fed up of the Congress in centre and the BSP government in UP.