After whirl-wind campaigns with addressing more than 75 poll rallies across Uttar Pradesh in the span of two months, Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav seems to be exhausted, but on being asked about next government in Uttar Pradesh, his carelines disappeared in no second and 72-year old ‘Netaji’ roars, yes the SP will hit the bull’s eye and form government on his own in the state. Mulayam says that the Congress is out of the race. Speaking with Dainik Jagran, he said the SP is in direct fight with the Bahujan Samaj Party in the UP assembly polls. The Bharatiya Janata Party is also in the better position in some constituencies. Excerpts:

Q: What issue is benefitting the SP this time?

A: Anti-incumbency against the BSP government. The young voters are disenchanted with Chief Minister Mayawati. I enjoy full support of youths of the state.

Q: Which party is going to reap the benefit of increased poll percentage?

A: Seventy five percent of the increased voter turnout goes in favour of the SP. Actually a number of SP supporters didn’t come out to cast their votes last time. But now in this election they have turned up and this has resulted into increased poll percentage.

Q: How different is this assembly election from the previous one?

A: This time, the people are much more aware. Astonishingly, I did not arrange for a single bus for the crowds to join rallies. Despite that, my rallies draw huge crowd. So did Akhilesh.

Q: All the eyes are on if you will forge post-poll alliance with the Congress in forming new government?

A: The SP will get full majority in the polls. Moreover, the Congress leaders have left no room for this.

Q: Has the SP learned some lessons from the failure of the BSP government as well as faults of its previous government?

A: In every rally, I have reiterated that the SP workers will be closely watched. If a complaint is found against any worker, stern action will be taken against him/her. Opponents had tarnished our previous government’s image. They had spread rumours against my government in the name of law and order. As per the data, 1200-1300 cases of rapes were registered during my previous tenure as the Chief Minister, while 1900 rape cases were registered in the Mayawati regime. More importantly, the accused are allegedly the BSP leaders and workers. Over one lakh people have been fabricated under the SC/ST Act. Innocent people have been lodged in the jails. No village in the entire state is immune of atrocity.

Q: Can you seek support from any other party barring the Congress?

A: You do not understand. There is wave in the favour of the SP. You will see the result.