Dehradun: After its cipher performance in the Uttarakhand assembly elections, the Samajwadi Party is going to examine the reasons behind the disappointing outcome. However, the party sources have denied any possibility of change in its state unit organization.

After the formation of Uttarakhand in 2000, the Samajwadi Party which has recently registered a landslide victory in the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh failed to win even a single seat in the state in the last three assembly polls.

Since 2002, the first assembly polls in the state, the party has witnessed a decline in its mass base in Uttarakhand. In 2002, the party had polled 6.3 percent votes whereas in 2007, it had polled only 5 percent votes. In 2012, a drastic fall has been observed in the party’s vote share as it has got only 4 percent vote.

In 2002, when the new state went to first assembly polls, the Samajwadi Party had wider mass base than its arch rival BSP in Uttarakhand but later the BSP strengthen its base in the state and won eight seats in 2007 and three seats in 2012. But the SP could not win even a single seat in the state assembly since 2000. Now the party sources say that the party is focusing on improving its base in the state after its overwhelming win in Uttar Pradesh.

New UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav recently held a meeting of Uttarakhand SP leaders in which he asked them to strengthen the party’s base in the state. He also asked them to examine the reasons behind the party’s dismal performance in the state and also asked to start preparations for coming Lok Sabha polls in the state.