New Delhi: Causing an embarrassment for the UPA dispensation at the Centre, the Samajwadi Party, which is supporting the government from outside, has announced to vote against FDI in the upper house, Rajya Sabha, where UPA is devoid of majority.

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"We will vote against FDI in Rajya Sabha if the government brings it there," SP leader in the Upper House Ramgopal Yadav told reporters in New Delhi. SP has nine members in the 244-member House.  Asked if the party will vote against FDI in Lok Sabha, he retorted, "Ask our leaders from Lok Sabha."    

When queried whether the party could have different positions in the two Houses, he said, "This happens many times. This has happened in the past also." With regard to Lok Sabha, SP leaders have been saying that the party will oppose FDI but have remained ambiguous on voting.

On whether there was a communication gap between party leaders in the two Houses, he replied, "Sometimes it is deliberate." In Rajya Sabha, UPA does not have the numbers on its own. In the effective strength of 244 in the Upper House, UPA and its allies have strength of 94 members. The ten nominated members may go ahead to vote with the government.

Among the seven independents, three-four may support the government. BSP, which extends outside support to UPA, has 15 members and it has said that it will disclose its

Mayawati yet to spell party's strategy

BSP leader Mayawati refused to spell her party's strategy on the issue of FDI, saying it will be "disclosed on the floor of the House."

"It (debate on FDI) has been admitted in Lok Sabha. Speaker has taken the decision. It is under Rule 184 in Lok Sabha. In Rajya Sabha, the presiding officer has to decide on it. So under which rule it will be decided, we will disclose our strategy on the floor of the House only."

Pressed further on the issue, she said, "We will disclose it on the House. House is functioning." On direct cash transfer policy announced by the government, she said, "If the scheme is implemented with honesty then people will benefit. But if the decision remains on paper only, then it will not be of any benefit to people."

Asked whether it is a policy to influence voters, she said, "Ask the question to the government." LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan supported the cash transferpolicy, saying it will benefit poor people. "It is a good policy and will benefit people. If anybody opposes it, I do not understand why. Even if it is done during the time of election then so be it. After all it is a good decision."


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