New Delhi: The users of internet based audio-video communicator ‘Skype’ are facing difficulties owing to continuous spam mails in India. The anti-hacking technicians have cautioned the Skype users by suggesting them to be alert about the threat.

According to the advisory released by the government, Skype users are attacked by instant messages. Such messages come in the name of someone who is already in the friend list.

Skype is being used as a communicator tool to be in touch with friends and relatives across the globe. Cyber security experts have found that these malicious stuffs are being sent secretly in the Indian user’s network.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), which operates under the ambit of Communication and Information Technology Ministry, has suggested to strictly act against the cyber attacks. According to the team, the user’s information is stolen by sending spam and it is later used for click fraud. The team has suggested users to not to click on unwanted web links or Skype messages attachment as well as not to install Skype’s new security updates.

Moreover, it has also been recommended to take extra precaution during the download of latest version of Skype and while opening or transferring any file.


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