This was found in a survey of 2,300 passengers from Europe taken by SITA, an IT and communications company for the airline industry. To understand how technology affects people, SITA quizzed people from France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Britain for its 2014 Air Transport World Passenger Survey.

Russians followed by the British were the most satisfied with their travel experiences, and a total of 82 percent of people surveyed expressed satisfaction with their experience of travelling by airlines.

Spaniards were most likely to carry their smartphones, with 90 percent confessing to carrying their mobile devices while travelling, with Russians in second place at 83 percent followed by 78 percent of Germans.

The survey also indicated that Russians seemed to adapt to technology the fastest when it comes to travel, 67 percent of them using smartphone mobile apps followed by 59 percent of Spaniards and 46 percent of Brits.