Here are some eyeshadow colors which you can use on brown eyes:


Purple: Purple is especially great for brown eye girls as it is a contrasting color on the color wheel, which makes the eyes pop! It is also the most universally flattering eyeshadow color to wear as it goes well with any hair, eye, or skin color. While darker purple shades work well for evenings, you can reserve the lighter shades for daytime. For dark brown eyes, try combining a deep purple with gray and lighter purple shadows to yield a smoky look.


Browns: Women with brown eyes can create a conservative, daytime look using brown eye shadows. Depending upon the color of your brown eyes, you will have to choose the eye shadow shade. If you have light brown eyes, pick up a color that falls between medium to dark shades of brown color like amber, mahogany, copper, and gold. If your eye color is dark brown, opt for a light or medium shade of brown, like beige, tan, cream, chocolate brown.

Blues: Pulling off blue eye shadow can be difficult, but it's worth it. The right shade of blue can put a sparkle in your brown eyes. While working with blue for eye shadow, keep your skin tone in mind as some shades just don't work with certain skin tones. You can experiment with turquoise, navy, baby, and crystal blue shades of blue.

Greens: Green is another eyeshadow color that looks amazing on brown eyes. Be very careful in picking up any shade of green otherwise your look will end up turning dreadful. For amber eyes, apply a green with gold undertones to the lids. In the creases, use a rich chocolate color as this combo will make the gold in your eye color absolutely sparkle. If you want to look sultry and elegant with smoky greens, then use khaki, olive, or forest green colors. For a casual occasion or informal gathering jade, grass, or lime green shades can be tried.


Other Colours: Brown eyes also look great with bronze, copper, burnt orange, gray and silver. Use three colors from the same color family if you are using these eye shadow colors. Also apply the darkest color in the crease, the medium color on the eyelid and the lightest color just under the browbone. Rosy pink eye shadow will give you a fresh, feminine look. Black and gray really work best for evening looks or for creating the perfect smoky eye. Take care that you don't go too dark, or into a flat black color.


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