New Delhi: Diwali is the biggest festival in India and the most anticipated phenomenon of this luminous festival is exchanging of gifts. The basic idea behind presenting Diwali gifts is to accelerate the feeling of love, affection, bonding and appreciation. With Diwali celebrations changing with each passing year, the gifting trend has also witnessed a sea change.

Albeit chocolates, sweets, candles wrapped in a glossy sheet and ribbon clad boxes are still presented as gifts, many more other attractive items have made their way to the list of Diwai favourite gift items. In fact people are turning traditional by placing their money on diyaas.

Earlier people preferred aroma candles, fererro rocher chocolates and heavy Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi idols for gifting friends and families. But now handmade chocolates and traditional colourful diyas and terracotta made idols have taken over.

However selecting gifts for loved ones needs lot of brainstorming and head scratching. Many-a-times even after purchasing gifts people still doubt their selection. If you are also going through the same dilemma then just check out the following bright Diwali gift ideas.

Diwali is all about ‘Diyaas’

Diwali is incomplete without diyaas. But few years back this traditional way of Diwali celebration seemed to fade away with people opting for electronic lamps, electronic kandeels and decorative electric bulbs. The cycle of trend has started pedaling backwards and once again traditional way of celebration is in vogue.

Instead of giving aroma candles, show-piece lamps, people are preferring terracotta diyaas or earthen diyaas as Diwali gift.

‘Traditional gift items look unique. These are the best gift options for this Diwali,” said Manager of a gift store located in Mayur Vihar.

On the latest trend in diyaas she said, “You can find different varities of diyaas in market. The most saleable item amongst diyaas is a pack of 11 diyaas, each one of different shapes and colours. If you want to gift a unique piece of lighting material then you can go for a handmade earthen lamp. In our store it is named ‘Family lamp’ as it has four faces- that of a man, woman, girl child and boy child. Fragrant candles are also a good Diwali gift option. You can also go for a handmade Irish fragrant stick, earthen pot vaporizer and diffuser which will ignite your senses with its soothing fragrant.”

Share affection with sweets, chocolates

No festival can be complete without a pack of sweets. This is the most common gift that people exchange during Diwali. Therefore one can go for the wide range of handmade chocolates available in the market, low calorie sweets, dark chocolates and dry fruit containing chocolate.

“I do not like to gift peda or kalakand. I prefer sugar free dark fine chocolate as it is healthy and stylish too,” said 48-year old Beena, a housewife.

 “I have already ordered dark chocolate from Dubai in bulk because they are available at cheaper rate. These are also best for people like us who are very conscious about their health,” she added.

Attractive décor piece flourishes your bonding

If you want to make your Diwali more special, you can gift an attractive décor item or something spiritual to your near and dear ones.

“You can find variety of beautiful flower vases, wind-chimes, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in the market. This Diwali you can go for wine boxes, Swarovski show-piece items and gold-plated Ganesha and Lakshmi idols,” said Lalit Mohan Kalouni of Archies Gallery.

Alka from Anand art gallery emphasizes on gifting terracotta hangings, swan shaped spoon stand made of white metal with silver and german coating, Swiss technology made Ganesha and Lakshmi idols, wooden temples, wooden and terracotta made tulsi chaura, white metal dry fruits tray.

Gift items and their costs

11 different shaped and colourful earthen diyas: Rs 220

Eco-friendly cloth candles (available in 3 sizes): Rs 250 to 500

Terracotta hangings: Rs 150 onwards

Silver and German coated white metal spoon stand: Rs 900

Swiss technology 24-carat divinity show pieces and Ganesha idols: Rs 240 onwards

Handmade chocolate in attractive packets: Rs 460 onwards

Dry fruits in attractive packets: Rs 100-500

White metal trays: Rs 175-550

Candles stand: Rs 299 -799

Ethnic flower pot: Rs 325 -1599

Crystal vases: Rs 225 onwards

Swarovski show-pieces: Rs 560 onwards

Wine boxes: Rs 999-1799

Gold plated Ganesha idols: Rs 300 onwards  

(Farhat Jabeen)