New Delhi: Tightening noose around the arrested Naxals, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has planned to make ‘special prosecution cell’ to prevent easy release of insurgents in any legal case.

In a letter to the DIGs of Naxal and Maoists infested states like West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, the Ministry has asked the police authority to construct special prosecution cell.

The special cell would keep an eye on the legal hearing of the arrested Naxals and provide details to the Home Ministry about the proceedings of the case.

The intelligence agency has been constantly demanding stringent steps for anti-naxal operations.

As informed by one of the senior officials in intelligence agency, there are several cases in which the arrested insurgents are released easily by the court due to lack of evidence. Following which the overall action taken to curb Naxal menace goes down the drain.