Jammu & Kashmir: In a move to improve literacy and financially boost the BPL students in Jammu & Kashmir, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved a special scholarship programme for them. The students of J&K living below poverty line can now take admission in any part of India for pursuing medical, engineering and other degree courses.

The BPL students will be eligible for scholarship if they have completed higher secondary school education from Jammu & Kashmir and they have a total family annual income of Rs 4.5 lakh.

The student getting enrollment in medical college will be given Rs 3 lakh as scholarship. While the engineering and other degree seeking students will get Rs 1.15 lakh and Rs 30,000 respectively. 

Under the scheme, 5,000 students will be provided with scholarship every year for the next five years. The government will incur an expenditure of Rs 1,200 crore for this programme.

According to sources, “Due to poor infrastructure and turmoil environment in Jammu & Kashmir, students want to pursue their higher degree in other states.” 

Interaction among students of different states will corroborate national integrity, a school of thought of the state said.

Recently, the Central Government has also introduced a scheme to give financial aid to the youths of the state that aims at zooming out job opportunities in private companies. Under the scheme, if the private company gives job to a youth after providing him with the training, the Central government will bear half of its cost.