Bhopal: In order to express solidarity to Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption, the members of Civil Society have decided to organize a signature campaign in Bhopal. Under the campaign, people of Bhopal would write messages against corruption on a 100 metre long banner.

The motto behind the campaign is to generate awareness amongst the masses on the issue of corruption and the urgent need of an effective Lokpal in the country. The campaign also aims to provide a platform to people to raise their voice against rampant malpractices.

This special banner would be set up in the Boat Club at 2pm on August 16 for the signature campaign. Thereafter, it would be circulated in other locations in the city to ensure many signatures are registered. Photocopies of application form of Right to Information form would be distributed free of cost to the people at the venues.

Later, these messages would be conveyed to the Chief Minister and the Opposition leader.

With an aim to connect with retired officials and youth, organizations like Udaya and Prayatna with the help of other social groups have initiated the campaign against corruption.

JPN/ Bureau