Puttaparthi: As uncertainty looms over the health of spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba, there is speculation about the possibility of a succession war breaking out among the members of the Sathya Sai Central Trust which manages several welfare activities across the country.

The Sathya Sai Trust is always known for service activity and has undertaken massive water supply project in drought-prone Anantapur and other districts of Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Tamil Nadu besides running major super speciality hospitals in Puttaparthi and Bangalore and holding health clinics across the country.

The Sai trust also runs educational institutions in different parts of the country.

The Sathya Sai Central Trust runs the university complex, a speciality hospital, a world religious museum Chaitanya Jyoti, a planetarium, a railway station, a hill-view stadium, a music college, an administrative building, an airport, an indoor sports stadium and sport complex in Puttaparthi.

Who after Sai Baba will manage the Trust's activities and what will happen to the social work? Will they continue or stop? These questions are doing the rounds among the followers of the spiritual leader.

Raghuram Chowdhary, an agriculturist in Anantapur town wanted to know what will happen to the good work undertaken by Sai Baba and whether they will continue.

"I am not his devotee but what I feel is whatever work the Baba has done for the public is exemplary. Making available potable water in drought-prone villages of Anantapur district, setting up of medical facilities and educational institutions defintely deserve appreciation," Chowdhary said adding "Baba and his work are defintely good but what about the trust members?”

Laxman Rao, a government employee, said "it was only due to Sai Baba that Puttaparthi town was brought on the world map.

Sudipto Dutta from West Bengal, whose relative recently underwent treatment for his heart ailment at the super speciality hospital here, said "the poor and the rich both have benefitted from the Baba's blessings. Poor people have access to world class medical treatment while the rich can get free from their worries by performing meditation under the guidance of the Baba".

Meanwhile, a large number of people and anxious devotees continued to throng Puttaparthi and pray for the Baba's recovery.