New Delhi: In order to increase the speed of metro trains which covers a distance of about 10 kilometres in 20 minutes, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is planning to implement an advanced technology called the pentograph in its third phase. With the help of the technology, travel time will be reduced by four to five minutes.  

Presently four coach trains are running with the help of two pentographs while six coach trains are running on three pentographs.  However, an additional pentograph will be fitted in every train under the third phase to boost their speed.

According to DMRC engineers, a pentograph plays a major role in ensuring power supply to the train.

The third phase of metro's expansion and assembling of the coaches started in November last year. Under this phase, six to eight coach metro trains will run on the standard gauge line. While three pentographs will be installed in six coach trains, four pentographs will be installed in trains with eight coaches.

Moreover, these trains will be different from the present ones besides being equipped with many other features. Also, LED screens will be displayed in the coaches for imparting important information. The interiors of the coach will be designed keeping in view the comfort of standing passengers.