Washington: Stan Lee, co-creator of some of the world's leading superhero characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, Hulk and Thor will be launching an original superhero for the Indian market.

Multi-media company Pow! Entertainment's Lee, will develop the new superhero with a team of Indian artists working at Liquid Comics, a leading creator of Indian character franchises, the two firms announced on Thursday.

It will initially launch as a series of downloadable web & mobile comics distributed throughout India on Liquid's recently announced 'Graphic India' platform and www.graphicindia.com website.

Created by Lee, "Chakra - The Invincible", will be the first Indian superhero created by Lee in collaboration with local Indian artists and writers.

Chakra tells the story of the young Indian teenager, Raju Rai, a technology genius living in Mumbai. Determined to use science to unlock the secrets of human potential, Raju develops a technically-enhanced suit that activates the mystical Chakras of the body, unleashing newfound abilities and powers.

"Wow! I'm incredibly excited to be collaborating with my friends at Liquid Comics and their best-in-class team of artists as we launch a great new, thrill-a-minute superhero saga named Chakra - The Invincible," said Stan Lee.

"Against the spectacular backdrop of the great Indian metropolis of Mumbai, we tell the incredible saga of Chakra, our daring and dangerous teenage hero."

"What better way to conceive of a new generation of Indian superheroes than in collaboration with the Godfather of the genre?" said Liquid Co-Founder, Gotham Chopra.

Lee's first digital comic book story on Chakra will be released for free in April 2012, exclusively on GraphicIndia.com.