Asked if they have got less credit than what they deserved, Mishra said "Yes, we have not been given due credit with so much talk about the pitch. Our achievements should have been highlighted more and talked about. Our home conditions have been like this for last 15 years and it is not from today. When we went to Sri Lanka, we got turning tracks there and bowled well”.

"I thought if the spinners are bowling well, then at least praise them for doing well. It is not that spinners got wickets only because of these pitches. We also have done well outside the country," 33-year-old Mishra said. Mishra feels that it is South Africa’s technique, rather lack of it, against spinning deliveries that did them in.

"Like we will get bounce outside sub-continent, it is a given that there will be more turn on offer when teams come to India. It is all about adaptability. They need to do their homework and improve their batting technique on pitches that offer turn. I believe they are under a lot of pressure because we have not given them boundary balls," reasoned Mishra, who has seven wickets from two games compared to Jadeja's 16 and Ashwin’s 24.