Bangalore: Spiritual leader Ravi Shankar will embark on a three-day peace mission to Pakistan on Monday during which he will meet a range of Pakistanis. This is the Art of Living founder's second visit to Pakistan. He went there in July 2004, becoming the first Hindu spiritual leader from India to visit Pakistan.
Emphasizing the urgent need for a people-to-people movement, Ravi Shankar said: 'We have spent a lot on conflicts, on escalating conflicts and on destruction of life and environment. Now we have to work towards making peace.'

The visit aims to find peaceful solutions by promoting friendship, understanding and dialogue, Art of Living said in a statement.
In Pakistan, Ravi Shankar will talk to business leaders, academics, spiritual leaders, student organizations and opinion leaders to strengthen collaborative efforts between the two countries.

He is likely to meet political leaders as well. He will enter Lahore from the Wagah border and proceed to Islamabad and Karachi.
During his visit to July 2004 visit to Pakistan, Ravi Shankar inaugurated The Art of Living's stress elimination programmes and humanitarian service initiatives.