New Delhi: Indian fashion accessory, bindi, has turned out be a fashion statement in the West. No Indian attire is complete without an appropriate bindi and over the years, the number of young girls sporting it in abroad is noticeable.

“If you ask me, bindi is neither in nor out. It fits beautifully with the Indian look, especially saris. Yes, Madonna and many other pop stars use bindi. It's fun for them to look different, but for us it creates a magic. And being an Indian we cannot keep ourselves apart from bindi. As Indian designers we have to create a little magic so that it breaks the barrier of being Indian to a global format,” said Delhi-based designer Joy Mitra. 

The word bindi is derived from the Sanskrit word 'bindu' which means a dot.

In India, bindi is usually worn with saris and salwar kameez, but one can make it more of a global accessory. “One can match bindis with clothes that have a lot of lace... also with Victorian style gowns made with wispy fabrics like chiffons and georgettes. Full skirts and dresses have a lot of volume and bindis gel with them,” said designer Aastha Bahl.

Bindis can be worn in various shapes and designs. “You can draw straight vertical lines or an oval or a triangle or miniature artistry in various colours with the help of a fine-tipped stick,” said a socialite.

To make it more prominent dust it with gold and silver powder or add a stud or a bead.

In olden days, bindis were usually worn with vermilion powder but later sticker-bindis with glue on one side came and became a hot favourite and now they are available in various shapes and sizes.