New Delhi, (Agencies): In a bid to bring about transparency and good governance, the government has decided to frame a National Sports Development Legislation by February 20 which, among other things, will force officials to abide by tenure and age restrictions.

Explaining the roadmap for the comprehensive sports legislation at a press conference here, Sport Minister Ajay Maken said the Ministry will put the draft Bill on the website by February 20 and will invite suggestions from stake-holders and public for a month before taking it forward.

Elaborating on six points based on Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance, Maken said that these would not be mere policies but would be implemented legally so that there are no vested interest or interferences.

"We want to have transparency and that can be done legally. Sports bodies should be governed by clear, transparent and fair rules" Maken said.

Drawing rules from IOC charter, he talked about the need for tranparency, while stating that existing Legislations in other countries can serve as good examples for drawing out prevalent best practices.

Stating that the Anti-Doping law should be put forward in compliance with the WADA, he also talked about taking measures against sexual harassment at work place.

He said that the fool-proof guidelines for age fraud detection need to be formulated and put forth as binding legislation.