New Delhi: The likes of Vikas Gowda, Krishna Poonia along with seven others who have either qualified for the London Olympics or are likely to qualify and their respective coaches will be given foreign training, the Steering Committee on Athletics for the 2012 Games announced on Thursday.

The committee, which was constituted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Sports), has also approved the Calendar for Training & Competitions (CTC) submitted by Athletic Federation of India for the period from January, 2012 to June, 2012 and a CTC for Domestic Coaching Camps and Competitions.

It has also decided that from now on and up until London Olympics, foreign exposure to athletes would be restricted only to those who have either qualified or are extremely likely to do so.

Under this National Sports Development Fund Scheme, Gowda (discus thrower), Poonia (women's discus thrower), Om Prakash (shot putter) and Mayookha Johny (long jumper), all of whom have qualified for the London Games, would be sponsored.

While Gowda and Poonia have been training in the USA, Om Prakash is in Hungary.

Mayookha Johny has been sent to Berlin for specialised training to help her prepare for the triple jump and also to enable her qualify for the Olympics in the long jump.

Some of the athletes who are likely to qualify, including Preeja Sreedharan, Kavita Raut, Sudha Singh and OP Jaisha, have also been sent to Kenya for high altitude training. While Harvant Kaur and coach Pramveer Singh have been sent to South Africa.

The committee also considered the issue of coaching with special emphasis on Indian and foreign coaches, besides approving the appointment of Gurdev Singh as Indian coach for the athletes team.

It also asked the Sports Authority of India (SAI) to examine the list of foreign coaches of the Indian athletics team and check whether these coaches are actually being utilised for imparting customised training to the core probables and also review if appropriate foreign coaches have been hired by SAI to impart event specific training to the concerned probables.

The committee also discussed the preparation of Indian athletics team for the Olympics.