New Delhi: The Ministry of Sports has recommended jail terms, ranging between three to ten years, for those found guilty of dishonest practices in sports after the emergence of shocking spot fixing allegations in the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League last month.

“We are re-drafting the proposed new standalone bill that deals with dishonest practices. We have recommended three to ten year jail terms for those who cheat in sports.

Internationally, punishment ranges between three to ten year for such crimes. We will follow international standards,” Sports Secretary P K Deb told on Tuesday.

The Sports Ministry was asked to send its recommendations on the proposed bill to the Law Ministry by June 20, but it will be able to do so only by the end of this month.

According to Mr Deb, the new standalone law would ensure the ministry is better equipped to deal with culprits in the future. “Our main emphasis is on how to prove dishonest practices and how to get culprits punished in court. Ninety-nine percent of sports frauds are based on circumstantial evidence.

“What we are looking at is to clearly define what is dishonest practice in relation to sports. That includes both active participation like the one Sreesanth and the others are alleged to have engaged in, and also passive participation by others,” Deb said.

“We will incorporate some changes which we think are necessary and then send it to the Law Ministry. It is only then that the Sports Ministry will present the bill for a new law to be enacted by Parliament. We would attempt to take it up most probably in the upcoming monsoon session,” he concluded.

Courtesy: mid-day

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