There are a variety of sports which invovle animals in one way or the other. Here's the list:

Bull fighting:
A mix of sport and cultural event, bull fighting involves controlling the movements of a bull with piece of red cloth. The game is not competitive and ends up in killing of the animal.

Dog fighting:
This sport is an example of how sadist human beings can be. The fight is organized for entertainment purposes with dogs purposely kept hungry and mistreated to make them ferocious and flesh hungry.  

Hare coursing:
Currently outlawed, this sport involves chase between a dog and a hare. The spectators apparently enjoy seeing the hunt and struggle between the two animals.

This is a competitive sport which requires application of working skills of cowboys and vaqueros. These 'skills' can be quite dangerous for animals involved as the players, in a fit to win, hardly give consideration to their physical well being.

Orangutan Boxing:
Taking bizarre to another level, this involves a fight between two orangutans, who are send to the ring with their gloves on like boxers.

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