The current National Double Trap champion feels that sportspersons should have a bigger say in administration.
The ace shooter said that he was fighting a battle of principles against the National Rifles Association of India.
Rathore's legal challenge against the NRAI elections had led to the Delhi High Court declaring the body's polls as null and void.
"I feel that sportsmen should have a bigger say in the administration. In a democratic set-up, people who are being governed should also be a part of the governing system. They should be drafted into the governance," Rathore said.
"No sports body can tolerate sportspersons getting united and stronger. We will have to find means and modes of getting sportsmen into administration of sports bodies," added the marksman.
Rathore said such is the sorry state of affairs that even celebrated athletes find it tough to break through the administrative set-up. 
"The situation demands that people should also be part of the government. I suggest that the common platforms of sportsmen should be recognised by the sports federations. 
"The Government will have to find the means to fight this menace. The IOA has already accepted my suggestion of Athletes Commission and such bodies might help sportspersons get into administration and be a part of the decision-making process," said Rathore, who heads the ad hoc body in the Rajasthan Shooting Association.


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