Learn how to incorporate sport inspired pieces like caps, trainers, jackets and jersey tops into your daily wardrobe:


Wear chic pieces: When pulling off the sporty-chic trend, it is important to wear more chic pieces than sporty pieces. If you have an overdose of sporty pieces, your look would be off balance and then you might as well head to the gym since you’re dressed for it. Team up a floral dress with trainers or wear knee socks with miniskirts.

Face caps: You cannot go wrong with a face cap if you are sporting a sporty-chic looks. The face cap in sports is equal to the black pants, it goes with almost anything. You can mix it up with a different colour or go casual in a regular black, white or grey face cap.


Add some bling: To pull off the sporty chic look with something extra, you need to add some bling. You could do this by buying some studs or precious looking stones.


Go for slim-fits: It is better to go with a slim fit when it comes to rocking your sporty-chic trends with track pants. The slim fit gives you a more flattering look and makes them look more chic than sporty.

Jerseys are must: Jerseys are the must haves for sporty-chic look. Baggier jerseys always look better. You can wear it as a mini dress and accessorize it with chunky necklaces and earcuffs.


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