New York: A recent survey has found that spouses make the worst backseat drivers. A nationwide survey by found that husbands and wives irritate each other the most while driving, reported a daily.

Complaints about driving speed, directions, talking too much, and pushing an "imaginary brake" ranked at the top of the list of annoying habits. Other aggravations included talking or texting on a phone, fiddling with the stereo, singing, and eating while in the car.

So if you had plans to have an in-car karaoke session after visiting the drive-thru, well, you'd better think twice for the sake of your relationship. Several amusing write-in complaints included gems such as: makes faces and gestures, points to turn after we passed it, blocks the rear view mirror, and gets car sick.

Among men, the second and third most annoying passengers turned out to be friends (17-percent) and mothers (15-percent). Women flipped those two around, with mothers (18-percent) and friends (15-precent) being the most irritating passengers.

Believe it or not, children ranked fairly low when it came to annoying habits and complaints. In fact, adult children ranked as being slightly more annoying passengers than little kids. Pesky pets didn't even register at all - a slobbering dog is apparently much better than a map-wielding spouse.


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