The Sproutling smart baby monitor system which lets parents keep technological track of baby's well being, will make the work easy and relaxing.

A new wearable baby tracker called Sproutling has been launched that tracks the baby’s well being and keep the parents informed via a smartphone app.

The updates are sent through a Wi-Fi connection and received by the parents on their smartphone as push notifications.

The device is designed with minimal intrusion feature so that the parents get only the important notifications and are not the unnecessary updates.

The device can be tied on the child’s ankle and measures the child’s location, body temperature and heart rate. Not only this, the device is also capable of providing updates on the humidity levels, light and sound conditions of the child. The makers claim that the device can detect a total of 16 conditions.

The Sproutling baby monitor can also detect child sleeping habits as it tracks the baby’s sleeping pattern and duration of sleep.

The most striking feature is that the device can detect the mood of the baby thus updating parents when the child becomes fussy.

The maker assures the safety of the product as the band is made up of breathable hypoallergenic material and is washable.

The device is a boon for the new parents as it gives them assurance of their baby’s well being at the same time letting the baby freedom to explore.