If you are looking for weight loss diets then sprouts can serve the purpose. This snack with a high nutritional value also tastes good.

Sprouts are a good source of proteins, calcium, fiber, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It contains health promoting qualities and is also good for our mind and body development. It is used for blood purification and also helps strengthen our immune system.

Here we tell you how sprouts help you lose weight:

1. High Fiber Content:
Diet rich in its fiber content is recommended for obese and diabetic people. Fiber is very beneficial for digestive system and helps in curing constipation. Sprouts being a good source of fiber contain about 7.6 grams of fiber content.

2. Controls Hunger Pangs:

Sprouts make you feel full. The good amount of fiber fills up your stomach thus reducing hunger pangs. Controlled hunger pangs leads to less binge eating which results in less weight gain.

3. Low in Calories:

Sprouts are low in calories. 100 grams serving of sprouts offer only 100 calories. A bowl of sprout gives you all the essential nutrients without surplus calories.

4. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals:

Sprouts contain vital vitamins and minerals required by our body. It contains significant amount of Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B1. It also fulfills the 40% of essential requirement of vitamin B9 every day.

5. Very low in Fat:
A 100 gram of raw sprouts contain only about 0.38 grams of fat, making it an ideal weight loss diet. If a dish is prepared from sprouts its fat content may range up to 4 grams that comes from the oil used for the dish.

6. High on Protein:

An increased protein intake is considered as an accelerating factor in weight loss. One bowl of sprouts contains about 14 grams of protein. Protein helps in repairing tissues, stimulating hair growth and works as a building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

7. Low in Cholesterol:
Sprouts are significantly beneficial for heart. It keeps the heart healthy by sprouts reducing the blood cholesterol level considerably. This also helps to keep the body weight in check.

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