New Delhi: Five years after the infamous 'slapgate' of 2008 during IPL season 1, one of the protagonists of the drama, S Sreesanth, on Friday made an explosive claim, saying that the entire incident was planned and that his former India teammate Harbhajan Singh was a "backstabbing person".

Bhajji refuses to comment on 'slapgate'

The temperamental Sreesanth made a series of revelations on the 2008 incident on his twitter page on Friday, creating a fresh controversy in the IPL, a day after Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli were involved in an ugly on-field spat.

"I have no complaints.. but now I want you all to know the truth. He (Bhajji) never slapped me. The video will show u all, what he had done,” Sreesanth tweeted.

Gambhir-Kohli involved in ugly on-field spat

"Everyone blamed me for getting emotional. When you know the person whom you worship is a backstabbing you.." "Disgusting .. that's all I can say. You all should watch the video to know the truth. What he did is completely out of control," he said on twitter.

Sreesanth, who is currently playing for Rajasthan Royals, demanded that the videotape of the incident be made public. "I don't want Bhajji to feel bad. I need to tell the truth to the world. What happened was bad. It’s not my fault at all and all media” he tweeted

The pacer also claimed that Harbhajan did not slap him but elbowed him. "I want the world to see it (video). When I went to shake hands after match, he was completely lost.. It seemed that he had already planned to hit me (elbow me)" he wrote on twitter.

“When you start noticing big changes in person whom u trusted so much, the world comes down. He never slapped me," Sreesanth added. "Everyone is blaming me and gossiping about that incident. The truth is in the video, which is with IPL"


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