Pillay will officially release the report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva next month, during which United States (US) might look to gather support for a resolution against Sri Lanka, reported a news agency.

In her report, which was made public on Monday, Pillay noted that despite significant progress achieved in the physical aspects of resettlement and recovery and implementation of some of the recommendations made by a government commission following the end of a 30-year war with the Tamil Tiger rebels, Sri Lanka is yet to satisfy the call made by the UN Human Rights Council for a credible and independent investigation into the allegations of human rights violations which persist or to take the necessary steps to fulfill its legal obligations to ensure justice and redress.

The Sri Lankan government, however, said in a statement that the conclusions and recommendations given in Pillay's report are tantamount to an unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

The government rejected the call by Pillay to establish an international inquiry mechanism saying that it gives scant or no regard to the domestic processes ongoing in Sri Lanka and is politicized in premise.

The government said that the trajectory that has emerged on the recommendations of the high commissioner reflected the preconceived, politicized and prejudicial agenda which she has relentlessly pursued on to Sri Lanka.


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