Colombo: Days after India dismissed as "baseless" reports about radiation leaks at the yet to be commissioned Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu, a Sri Lankan interest group on Saturday alleged that the atomic power station has been leaking radiation since February 27.

The People's Movement Against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, in a statement, urged officials here to bare the truth. They held the government of Sri Lanka responsible for turning a blind eye to radiation threats from Kudankulam.

"It was against public protests by affected people of both India and Sri Lanka representing fisher, agriculture and trade communities that Kudankulam came to be commissioned," the statement said.

It was only last week the Indian authorities had allayed fears of Kudankulam by debunking media reports of an alleged leak at the station. "These reports are totally baseless. There has been no radiation leak at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant," an Indian High Commission statement had said.

It had said all nuclear power plant sites in India are capable of managing the radio active wastes generated. In Sri Lanka, various groups have carried out public awareness campaigns against Kudankulam in the recent past.


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