In a case filed by a Presidential candidate and Frontline Socialist Party Leader Duminda Nawagamuwa, the petitioner stated that during the period of the Presidential Election and in the early hours of January 9, Rajapaksa violated the Provisions of the Civil Security Act by stationing teams of security personnel belonging to the three Armed Forces.

The petitioner further stated that the President as the Head of the Armed Forces has the powers to station Armed Forces in various parts of the country only if there is a likelihood of an emergence of uneasiness causing trouble to the public.

The petitioner also said that the actions of the former President were a violation of the Fundamental Rights of the citizens of the country. A three-judge bench comprising of Sri Lanka's Chief Justice K Sripavan and Justices Priyasath Dep and Eva Wanasundera issued the notice returnable March 31 on Rajapakse and the other respondents after having considered the fundamental rights petition filed by Nawagamuwa.

Rajapakse lost the Jan 8 Presidential Election to current President Maithripala Sirisena and it was later alleged that Rajapakse had attempted to stay in power through a coup by using the military.

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