Jaunpur: In a recent development to the countrywide protest against corruption, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that he is with Anna and Ramdev in their movement against rampant graft in governance. He also admitted that a bribe was demanded from him in Mysore for the registration of a 5 acres plot.

In a press conference on Monday, Sri Sri said, “I pity people suffering from malpractices in the system, so I have decided to start a campaign to make society where there is no violence, stress and racism.”

During the movement he will also protest against foetus killing, drug addiction and other social ailments.
Advocating for strong Lokpal in the country, he said one should not associate it with politics.

Sri Sri said that he is not in fovour or against any party. Responding to Digvijay’s comment on Ramdev, he said “Doing business is no crime, Ramdev Baba’s knowledge of yoga and ayurveda have benefitted many.”

On filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s comment that Sri Sri is riches’ guru he said “Mahesh Bhatt doesn’t know the reality of work we do in villages.”