Mumbai, (Agencies): Shah Rukh Khan played mediator between two of his fav leading ladies, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, at a recent awards event.

In fact, had it not been for his intervention, there would have been a bigger altercation.

The tiff

A source reveals how Khan diffused the tension at Yash Raj Studios where the two actresses had a face-off offstage.

"The shooting of PC's performance took longer than expected. The Kapoor lass, who was given the same time slot, kept waiting for her to finish her act.

Eventually, it got really late and Kareena decided to stage a walkout."

'Let's talk!'

SRK was at the venue rehearsing his bit. When he heard about the tiff, he decided to sort it out. The source adds, "Knowing that the two don't get along, he spoke to them separately.

 He told Bebo to take it easy and suggested she shoot her act the next morning instead of cancelling it completely."

Bebo was in a rush, as she had to return to Pune to shoot for Bodyguard at the earliest. "However, since she has the highest regard for SRK, she could not ignore his request.

She returned the next morning to finish her shoot." Shah Rukh then went up to PC and told her that Bebo had agreed to shoot the next day. He also told PC to return Bebo's gesture with warmth and gratitude."

So, before Kareena left for the day, PC walked up to her and gave her a warm hug.