Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is all praise for Indian writer Kanika Dhillon's novel 'Bombay Duck is a Fish’, launched by him. He said it brought back memories of his life and his magical journey from his boyhood days in Jamia to his small screen opening ‘Fauji’ to his sci-fi movie Ra.One.

"For me, 'Bombay Duck..' was a call from the past. It brought to mind my own journey from Jamia Milia to Fauji to Ra.One. Kanika's writing style is part satire, part drama, part humour and part realism. For all  those who believe dreams do come true, this one's a must-read," Shah Rukh told reporters here.

 Although SRK pursued a Masters Degree in Mass Communications at Jamia Millia Islamia, he later opted out to make a career in Bollywood. Shah Rukh made his acting debut in 1988 when he appeared in TV soap 'Fauji', playing the role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai. Presently, the actor is busy giving final touches to his home production '', a science fiction due for release on October 26.

The novel traces the journey of small towner Neki Brar, who like countless other star struck people, leaves her MNC job and comes to Bombay to make it big in the film industry.

Neki is in pursuit of being a film-maker. In Bombay, Neki encounters everything - love, friendship, betrayal, success, humiliation. It is an insider's perspective on what goes behind the scenes while shooting a film.

The book which is a debut novel of Kanika is published by Westland Ltd and Gautam Padmanabhan, CEO Westland.

"This book is very close to my heart not only because it is my first book but in some way it reminisces of my feelings for this city. Neki's journey is one that a lot of people will sympathise and connect with. The lure of Bollywood is also an engaging appeal," Kanika said.

'Bombay Duck is a Fish' is not about creating an identity, its about finding or losing yourself along the way and relishing the journey whose destination is Bombay, she said.